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Requesting Business Listing Upgrade

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CountySpot Directories are much more than the standard business directory sites that are growing across the internet. Our sites do not simply collect business names and addresses to create a list of business locations in each county. We spend time in each county for which we are creating websites learning more about the things that more people are searching for. By compiling information about tourist attractions and events we make our sites much more visible to a wider range of internet searches than most business directories. These visitors are all interested in the specific region and upon finding our sites spend considerable time browsing its content. This makes every visitor to our site a potential customer for your business. Our established sites actually rank higher than many of the long tenured web sites for regional information and events!

Adding business information to our site was initiallty used only as a part of what these sites are meant to be, a county resource for information. Simple business listings are always included free at CountySpot Directories. Each business in the county, including the name, address, short description and map will be listed in one category, as we find them, or upon request. 

Using the results of our hard work, business owners can now choose to make their listings stand out and become more visible to traffic to this site. Grabbing more of this highly targeted traffic is one of the most cost effective advertising mediums you will find. On average our upgraded business listings see 8-10 times the "hits" that a standard listing in the same category will receive. Which option best suits your business? Our upgrade features are listed below for you to decide. 

Upgraded listings can add things like your business phone number, website, email, logos, photos and most important - more details. By using the more details area you may include important keywords about your business to ensure visitors to our site will see your listing.

Upgrade #1 - Adding your business phone number for less than $1 per month!

Our simplest upgrade, adding a phone number to your listing is priced at only $10 per YEAR. 


Adding your phone allows instant contact possibilities from visitors that find your listing in our directory. At a fee of only $0.83 per month it provides a very affordable marketing tool that may pay for itself with one call!

Contact Us to upgrade today!


Upgrade #2  - Printable Coupon Package!

We are now offering all businesses the ability to post printable coupons! Your shoppers can view the coupons, print them and bring them to your business! Adding this Upgrade package also automatically includes telephone listing as described in Upgrade #1. Business owners can contact us to purchase the Coupon Upgrade, or simply purchase it through the site securely using PayPal. All businesses may submit special offers, or sales to our site for free. Printable coupons may be submited for only $29.99 per year!

Contact us to upgrade today!


Upgrage #3 - Complete Business page and links!


This package includes all of the following features
  • Choose multiple categories for your business.
  • Add your business phone number to your details page.
  • Icon Preview - add your business image to grab attention in the simple listings.
  • Icon Full Size - show off your full size logo on top of your business details page.
  • Include up to 4 photos in your business details page. Show off your products or showroom.
  • Submit content to expand your business details page. Include keywords and product lines people will search for.
  • Hit counter to determine results of your purchase!
  • Printable Coupon submission!

 Upgrade # 3 gives you all of this for only $59.99 a year!

Plus a limited time bonus detailed below!!



The first 12 upgraded business listings in each category get top billing!!

Thanks to Google just about everyone understands the importance of being at the top of search results to get attention. Being included in a list is great, but if only the top 10 results ever get looked at, what happens to the rest?

featuredTo provide an example of the value of upgrading let's look at Jewelry Stores. All of our simple listings are sorted alphabetically and only 10 standard results show per page when a user enters the jewelry store category.

As you can imagine there are quite a number of jewelry stores in most counties which result in several pages of jewelry stores. Dorman's Jewelry store doesn't show until item 6. Imagine if they were named Zoo Jewelry! Becoming one of the first 12 upgraded businesses  in the Jewelry Stores category gives Dorman's the added feature of being among the top results for these listings!

 This featured listing shows at the top of each page of results in the category!

  Not only does your business get inclusion in our top list, each business listed is a direct link to the business details page!




Upgrade now to choose one of your applicable categories to become featured in before your competitors do. We will only list 12 in each category and they are selected as businesses upgrade!


  Your business can get all of the features of  Upgrade #3 package for only $59.99 per YEAR! 

 Contact us to upgrade today!


Advertising options at CountySpot Directories.

We offer numerous image ad placement options at each county directory site. Businesses may only be listed in thier county, however advertising may be used in any county. For more information on currently available advertising contact us, or view our current advertising flyer




 Prices vary by county site. Business customers are guaranteed up to 3 years at listed rate when they choose to upgrade. As traffic to each particular site increases prices will adjust so save money by upgrading now!

Things to do!

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Make your business stand out by choosing affordable upgrade options!
Our rates save you money!
Upgrade packages starting as low as $10/year! Learn More..

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