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Royer Mansion Historic Site in Blair County

Posted in Historical Places in Blair County, Pa.

Royer Mansion Williamsburg PA Blair CountyRoyer Mansion located at 3909 Piney Creek Road Williamsburg, PA 16693 was built in 1815.  This stone home was named after the Royer family.  Samuel and Sarah Royer moved into the home in 1821.  Samuel was an area iron master who owned Springfield Furnace.  After being blessed with 6 children Sarah died in 1832.  Samuel remarried in 1835 to Martha who gave him four additional children.  Samuel needed to make additions to the stone home due to the size of his family.  In 1856 Samuel passed away in his beloved Royer Mansion at the age of 64. History about the home after Samuel's death is sketchy.  It is said that Samuel Royer's grandson's wife Carrie Hartman purchased the family home and was the last Royer family member to live in the mansion.

  Carrie loved to entertain many at Royer Mansion especially children since she had none of her own.  Carrie died at Royer Mansion in 1965.  After Carrie's death the PA  Fish and Game Commission briefly owned this wonderful Mansion with intentions of tearing the home down and building a fish hatchery in its place. Thankfully this never happened.  In 1984 the Blair County Historical Society purchased the Royer Mansion for $1.00.  The Historic Society made minor restorations to the mansion.  You can rent the Royer Mansion for parties or events by contacting the Historical Society of Blair County. Go and visit apart of Williamsburg and Blair County history.  If you are a fan of haunted places the Royer Mansion is a place of interest for you too.  Many have had sightings of different paranormal events.  Such events as seeing children dressed in older clothing playing near the Spring House, an unusual fog, and uneasy feeling of being watched.  Two high school girls had a different ghost sighting experience. The high school girls were to meet a society member at the Mansion to take a tour of the home for a school history report.  When the girls arrived an elderly woman motioned them into the home.  This woman was dressed in an older style house coat and looked very old. The girls became uneasy when this elderly woman kept talking to someone who was not there and fled the house.  One of the girls mothers called the historic society wanting to apologize for the girls rudeness in running away only to find out that the person from the society did not make it to the Mansion that day to give the girls their tour.  So from ghost sightings, to town history, or the sheer beauty of Royer Mansion there is a reason for all to take a drive and visit this wonderful home.




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